Saturday, May 17, 2008

2008 Alumni Game

All players and parents-
Spread the Word! The 2008 Ballard Lacrosse Annual Alumni game will be this Sunday, May 18 at 5 pm at the Ballard Stadium. Please spread the word to any current or former Ballard players. Coach Tyler, Grey, Daly and myself will be suiting up for the alumni. This is an informal event, so we will need any injured players (ie Steve and Cary) to assume reffing responsibilities from their lawn chairs while they work on their tan. Everyone else involved needs a reversible jersey and water. We're just going to show up, suit up, and have a good time.
Seniors- please spread the word to any alumni that you know are back in town from college (Facebook?)

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Davidheyburn said...

any way to start an alumni mailing list or something like that. I graduated in 2001 and was one of the first members of "Bruins Lacrosse" while all lacrosse in Louisville was on the Louisville Lacrosse Club. I live in Nashville now and would love to be a part of the alumni events, school some of this young kids.